Antipodes Skincare: 10 Way To Use A Multipurpose Balm

saviour skin balm antipodes multipurpose balm

Our Saviour Skin Balm is a one-stop-shop for tired and irritated skin, offering salvation and nourishment for the whole family. This multipurpose balm boasts rich plant oils derived from the Australian tea tree which work to soothe skin, absorb oil, reduce blemishes and refine skin tone. It is formulated with revolutionary antioxidant extract Vinanza® Grape (from the seeds of award-winning Marlborough sauvignon blanc grapes), that is known to optimise skin cell repair, and can enhance the skin’s appearance 

Our favourite thing about this multipurpose balm is that there are so many uses for it … 

10 Way To Use Antipodes’ Multipurpose Balm 

1. Treat dry skin 

Saviour Skin Balm nourishes cracked skin and dry patches, and can be used to relieve tension when massaged into sore muscles. 

2. Skin repair 

The multipurpose balm helps to optimise cell and skin repair, treating new stretch marks and reducing the appearance of older ones. It also addresses hormonal skin concerns, such as excess pigmentation and sensitivity. 

3. During and after pregnancy 

Pregnancy and post-pregnancy hormones can affect a mother’s sense of smell. Despite being filled with natural extracts, Saviour Skin Balm’s fragrance sensitivity gives peace to even the most delicate new baby and mother. 

4. For baby 

It nourishes and relieves, with the antiseptic and wound-healing properties in the rich tea tree ingredient penetrating the lower layers of the skin. This makes it an ideal first aid use for skin ailments such as spots, cuts, scrapes, burns, infections and insect bites. 

5. Fix flyaway hair 

One of our favourite hacks comes from hairdressers who rub a little Saviour Skin Balm on the dry ends of hair. Not only does it help to condition the hair, but it also holds hair in place. 

6. Highlighting 

Highlighting the skin to make it look healthy and glowing is a trend that’s swept the beauty world. Makeup artists have told us that they achieve dewy, glowing skin by using a tiny amount of Saviour Skin Balm underneath foundation. Apply it to areas that naturally capture the light (cheekbones, Cupid’s bow, brow bone, nose and chin) before applying your base makeup. 

7. Shape eyebrows 

A tiny slick of Saviour Skin Balm on the eyebrows can help to lift and contour them. Apply directly onto the hairs to set them in place, or after applying a brow pencil to keep the colour from fading.       

8. Condition cuticles 

Regularly rub this luxury multipurpose balm into your cuticles to moisturise and condition. 

9. After sun care 

Been out in the sun too long? Help your skin to heal by rubbing a fine layer of balm over the affected area to soothe. 

10. In-flight hydration 

The pressurised cabin air can cause skin to become dehydrated very quickly. Applying a fine layer of Saviour Skin Balm every few hours to your face and neck will intensely nourish skin, helping to restore it back to full hydration.  

Our handy 30ml tube size Saviour Skin Balm is perfect for taking on your travels. You can buy your multipurpose balm on our website. 



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