Elizabeth’s Story

Elizabeth’s Story

Antipodes founder and CEO Elizabeth Barbalich was searching for natural skincare that offered the same benefits as conventional skincare – but using pure New Zealand ingredients that were independently and scientifically validated.

That personal quest turned into a trailblazing scientific green beauty company which has won both global fans and awards for combining premium New Zealand products, including raw super-fruit extracts, with science and innovation to produce high-tech certified organic and premium formulations. Antipodes' skincare products are entirely natural and many are certified organic. Our organic skincare range is certified by BioGro New Zealand.

'We want to show our children you can build a life by sticking to your values and beliefs. We're also proud to show them you don’t have to compromise your green goals – we deliberately use clean, organic New Zealand ingredients, we only partner with suppliers who align with our values and we’ve retained manufacturing in New Zealand for sustainability and quality control purposes. That's our Green Beauty Ethos™ and we’re proud to share that with the world.'

'I wanted to prove to customers that they could rely on our scientists' break-through research to produce eco-minded skincare that was kinder to their skin and the planet, but was also results-driven and raised the bar when it came to improving the appearance and health of skin.'

Elizabeth Barbalich
Founder & CEO

Having made a name for itself among premium New Zealand skincare brands, Antipodes can now be found in more than 30 countries and has developed a passionate fanbase, particularly with international celebrities and influencers.

Science has always featured significantly in Elizabeth’s life: before embarking on an MBA, the mother of three studied for a biology degree. After graduating, she won a highly competitive role with a US-based international surgical corporation which pioneered technology for laparoscopic surgery. Having trained in New York on the ground-breaking equipment, Elizabeth became the sole representative for New Zealand and Australia, training surgeons and registrars to use the highly specialised equipment in keyhole surgery.

During her eight years with the company, Elizabeth was twice named the top salesperson (Asia Pacific) for a new product launch. Her stint with the organisation also taught her valuable lessons she has brought into Antipodes – innovation, creativity and a belief in robust scientific validation.

Elizabeth's introduction to a natural lifestyle was via her husband, Zoran. 'My husband developed a real interest in natural health and introduced the family to lifestyle choices such as raw juices, supplements and alternative medicines. Back then, even with three children under four, I felt healthy and energised.'

With an in-depth understanding of product formulations, the next step was an interest in clean, green skincare.

'I scoured the world’s skincare for a hydrating product for my own skin but couldn’t find any natural skincare that performed as well or felt hydrating enough for my own dry skin as the conventional brands I was using. I saw the need for a cool, avant-garde niche brand that elevated natural skincare to the next level.'

By combining her twin loves of science and natural skincare, Elizabeth was able to create a cutting-edge brand that’s not only good for your skin and the planet but also gets results.

'Customers can rely on our scientists' clinical findings and trust that Antipodes products do help to improve your skin's appearance.'

For Elizabeth and her husband Zoran, who also works in the company, another key driver is creating a legacy for their three adult children.

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