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The Benefits of A Natural Hand Mask

This year, our hands are being put to the test. While hand washing and sanitising is essential for our health, it can lead to dry skin and even chapped hands. The funny thing is, while we lavish our face in all manner of nourishing products, we often neglect our hands. The good news: a hand mask is the new answer for how to get rid of dry hands. We’ve put together the ultimate guide to have your hands looking their best.

Benefits of a hand mask | Antipodes UK

What are hand masks?

The concept of a hand mask is simple: it’s like a face mask, but for your hands. And just like your nourishing face mask, your hand mask is designed to hydrate, nourish, and lock moisture into the skin. It can also help to strengthen the skin barrier by forming a protective layer. By using a hand mask treatment once or twice a week, you can keep dry, rough skin at bay.

What are the best hand mask products?

Like your eye area, dry skin on hands is particularly prone to showing the signs of aging. That’s why it’s important to make sure you choose a hand mask product with antioxidant-rich natural ingredients. Here’s the best part. You don’t need to invest in an expensive hand mask treatment and hand mask glove to relieve your dry, cracked hands. You can use a nourishing hand cream.

How to apply a hand cream as a hand mask | Antipodes UK

How to apply a hand cream as a hand mask

Smooth thick layers of your chosen hand cream over the backs of both hands and leave on for 10-20 minutes. Take time to work the formulation into your skin and even give yourself a hand massage.

Our tip: If you choose a fast-absorbing formula, hand masks shouldn’t be too messy. But if you’re worried, wear a hand mask glove after application.

The three best hand creams for hand masking

One: Antipodes® Delight Hand & Body Cream

Softens dry skin on hands. Smells like a bouquet of flowers. Sounds delightful – which is exactly how this hand cream makes us feel. Our velvety smooth formulation contains Vinanza® Grape, from antioxidant-rich grapes grown in New Zealand’s sunny Marlborough region. This revolutionary antioxidant extract helps to firm and protect rough hands. Meanwhile, ultra-hydrating macadamia nut oil is the answer for how to make your hands soft. Marigold flower oil helps rescue the most damaged areas of rough skin on hands, locking in water for moisturised mitts.

Two: Antipodes® Deliverance Kowhai Flower Hand Cream

Premium avocado oil and extracts of marigold and kowhai flower make this hand cream perfect for relieving dry skin on fingers as well dry skin on hands. It helps soften cuticles and maintain healthy hands, while the pure plant fragrance of sweet orange and cedarwood is super invigorating. The phytosterols (plant compounds) in avocado oil help protect against water loss and increase surface lipids, soothing rough hands and keeping them hydrated.

Bonus: like all of our hand creams, this formulation is non-greasy. That makes it an excellent hand mask to use with or without hand treatment gloves. No mess. No fuss.

Three: Antipodes® Jubilation Ultra-Nourishing Hand & Body Cream

Sometimes when you have dry skin on fingers or rough skin on hands, you need to call in the reinforcements. Jubilation Ultra-Nourishing Hand & Body Cream is the crème de la (hand) cream for dry, rough skin and chapped hands. It makes for the most nourishing hand mask, especially when you use hand treatment gloves.

Organic avocado oil and meadowfoam are the dream team in this certified vegan moisturiser. They contain essential omega oils 3, 6 and 9, which are intensively nourishing for skin. You’ll also find New Zealand superfruits such as kiwifruit and wild blackcurrant, with high concentrations of Vitamins C and E. Dry, cracked hands begone.

A hand mask is an opportunity to treat your hands with the same love and care with which you treat your skin. It can transform rough skin on hands into hands that feel soft and silky. Whether you mask with hand treatment gloves or without, make a hand mask part of your weekly ritual. Your happy hands will thank you.

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