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Treat Common Skin Concerns with Vegan Beauty Products

vegan Beauty Products

Veganuary is the perfect time to green up our skincare as we look to live a more eco-conscious lifestyle. Vegan beauty products can be just as effective at hydrating, nourishing, and protecting our skin – with the added advantage of the healthiest ingredients Nature has to offer. 

In the spirit of Vegan January, we’ve listed our picks for the best vegan skincare to treat common concerns. Like superfood smoothies for your skin, these are products that are kind to your skin, and to the planet. Bon appétit. 

5 Of The Best Vegan Beauty Products

1. For fine lines & wrinkles: A vitamin C-rich eye cream 

Fine lines appear when our skin loses elasticity and firmness. Free radical damage and ultraviolet radiation can accelerate this natural process. If you frequently expose your skin to the elements, anti-ageing skincare is a wise idea.  

Wrinkles tend to be most dramatic around the eyes, so look for a vegan eye cream with a high concentration of antioxidant-rich ingredients such as Vitamin C. Antioxidants help to stop free radicals from oxidising, or damaging, the skin. The Vitamin C in our best-selling Kiwi Seed Oil Eye Cream comes from kiwi seed oil, extracted from the seeds of the superfruit kiwi. It helps to protect skin from external pollutants as well as helping to soften the appearance of fine lines. One jar sells every sixty seconds for a reason. 

2. For dehydrated skin: A water-charged serum 

Any skin type can suffer from dehydration. It is usually caused by external aggressors such as air conditioning, heating, and seasonal changes. The result can be skin that is lacking firmness and vitality. Patches may even feel rough or itchy. 

While skin needs water to stay fresh and healthy, it’s not as simple as drinking your requisite eight glasses a day. It’s a myth that drinking water hydrates skin from within. Topical skincare products are more effective at delivering hydration to skin, because they are applied to the topmost layers where water is lost.  

A hydrating serum, such as Hosanna H2O Skin-Plumping Serum, is the quickest way to restore the glow to dehydrated skin. This water-based serum immerses skin in moisture. A potent formulation of vegan and organic ingredients plumps up skin and helps improve radiance over time. Among the serum’s bioactive ingredients is the New Zealand mamaku black fern. With natural sugars (glycosides), it contributes to a renewed visage, while a base of Waiwera® spring water provides pure hydration.  

3. For blemished skin: An antioxidant-rich skin-booster 

Inflammation can cause blemishes in skin, so a serum that is rich in antioxidants, yet gentle on skin, is key. Worship Skin Defence Antioxidant Serum is a skin-booster in a bottle. It contains powerful antioxidant extracts from superfruits boysenberries, blackcurrants, and kiwifruit. It also contains revolutionary antioxidant extract Vinanza® Grape, from sustainably sourced grape seeds. If you’re looking for an alternative to face oils, this high-performance vegan serum is a great choice as it is water-based. It sinks in without irritating skin, clogging pores, or over-stimulating oil production – making it the ideal vegan serum for oily or blemished skin. 

4. For pigmented skin: A serum with brightening extracts 

Pigmentation is the darkening of the skin and one of the main causes of uneven skin tone, redness, and dark spots. The culprit is excess melanin production – the pigment that gives skin its colour. Inflammation and sun damage contribute to this process.  

A tone-correcting serum like Apostle Skin-Brightening Serum can help improve the appearance of skin and protect against further damage. The key active ingredient is Vinanza® Grape & Kiwi, a revolutionary antioxidant compound. Sourced from award-winning Marlborough grape seeds and kiwi skin, it is clinically shown to help improve the appearance of skin by addressing pigmentation and dark spots†. The enzymes in kiwifruit also have a gentle exfoliating action. 

5. For dull skin: A detoxifying face mask 

Lifestyle, stress, and harsh beauty products can all contribute to dull skin. Applied once or twice a week, a brightening face mask is one of the best ways to bring a lacklustre visage back to life. Look for a mask that lifts lifeless skin while delivering brightening extracts. Detoxifying mud masks, like Halo Skin-Brightening Facial Mud Mask, are great for this.  

First, mineral-rich geothermal mud from New Zealand’s volcanic plateau draws out impurities. It works by binding to oils in your skin, helping to carry away dirt and residue when rinsed off with warm water. This paves the way for brightening extracts of Vinanza® Grape & Kiwi and prized peony, which unite to promote brighter, clearer skin. The vegan formulation also includes avocado oil to leave skin nourished and hydrated.  

Regardless of your concern, fresh and healthy-looking skin can be achieved with carefully selected vegan beauty products. When the ingredients are this lush and clean, skin is in love. 

Target and treat your skin concerns with our certified vegan, vegetarian, and organic ultra-care range. 

†Independent study by New Zealand Extracts: Eight-week independent clinical studies involving 10 women (2012). Vinanza® Grape & Kiwi is clinically shown to help improve skin appearance by decreasing trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL) by 16%, decrease skin redness by 7% (erythema), and lighten skin by 3.5% (melanin content). 



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