The Best Hand Cream For Dry Hands


Our skin is being put through its paces at the moment. The increase in handwashing and sanitising is good for our health, but can wreak havoc on hands. Exposure to harsh soaps and household chemicals can cause hands to dry out. They can even develop fissures and tiny cracks. The change of seasons only makes things worse. Thankfully, there is relief for dry skin on hands. Our ultimate guide to the best hand cream for dry hands will bring the moisture back to hurting skin.

Applied throughout the day, a hand cream is like a steady stream of self-love! 

The Best Hand Cream For Dry Skin 

Hand creams with beautiful fragrances can elevate your mood in an instant. Be careful, though, as fragrances can irritate skin. Look for natural skincare with low levels of plant-sourced scents. Antipodes only uses ECOCERT-certified, organic essential oils to create our pure plant fragrances. They are carefully measured and tested for any allergen potential. We then include them at low levels so there’s no harm to skin.  

Our trio of sweet-smelling hand creams is the answer to both hydrate your skin and lift your spirit.  

  1. Beautiful Berries 

    Refresh stressed and parched skin with a hand cream for dry skin that sparks the soul. Joyful Hand & Body Cream gets its divine fragrance from wild blackcurrant berry oil. We source this oil from berries grown in the sunny Marlborough region of New Zealand. Blackcurrants are not only full of Vitamin C and Vitamin E. They also contain gamma-linoleic acid (GLA). This essential fatty acid helps to keep skin plumped and hydrated. Meanwhile, hibiscus flower extract acts as an exfoliator for dead cells. The end result? Fresh skin and locked-in moisture. Enchantment awaits.  

  2. Fabulous Florals 

    Captivated by floral scents? Treat dry hands to Delight Hand & Body Cream. It’s personalised with a dreamy plant fragrance of vintage gardenia. This hand cream for dry hands gets its intense moisturising powers from silky macadamia nut oil. It’s also prized for its high palmitoleic acid (Omega 7). This valuable omega helps to hydrate and leave skin cushiony smooth. The formulation includes a revolutionary antioxidant extract called Vinanza® Grape. It’s an anti-aging elixir, helping to improve elasticity and firmness in the skin. Flower power in a tube.  

  3. Sensational Citrus 

    If you’re more of a citrus fan, look no further than Deliverance Kowhai Flower Hand Cream. It has a pure plant fragrance of sweet orange and cedarwood – the perfect festive fragrance. The best hand cream for dry hands should deliver a bounty of nutrients. Deliverance has this in spades! The sublime botanical formula has high levels of avocado oil. Avocado oil delivers everyday nutrients to your skin with Vitamins A, B1, B2, and D, as well as Omegas 3 and 9. A tangy fruit cocktail to rescue your hands from dryness. 

  4. For seriously dry hands 

    Diligent hand washing requires a seriously nourishing hand cream. For an extra dose of moisture, Jubilation Ultra Nourishing Hand & Body Cream provides the ultimate boost for dry skin. The moisture it delivers is intense, yet it adds shine without greasiness. The key ingredient is meadowfoam oil. This bioactive extract is rich in Vitamin E. Meadowfoam joins avocado oil, blackcurrant oil, and kiwi seed oil to hydrate and moisturise skin, leaving it beautifully soft.  

  5. For skin troubles 

    Dry skin goes beyond hands. A multipurpose balm can rescue a myriad of issues caused by dryness. Saviour Skin Balm is a one-stop shop for tired and irritated skin. The potent formula boasts antioxidant-rich Vinanza® Grape, known to help optimise cell repair. The balm texture is silky and perfect for using on patches of dry skin. But Saviour Skin Balm can be used for a whole bunch of issues. It can condition cuticles, help relieve nappy rash, or soothe skin after sun exposure. It’s also a secret beauty balm. Slick it on your eyebrows to give them shape, or rub a little on the ends of dry hair to make your mane shine.  

    Taking a minute to treat dry hands with a nourishing hand cream is like a dose of self-care on the regular. There’s a hand cream for every mood and season, and they make gorgeous gifts! Whether you choose heavy-duty or divinely fragranced, Antipodes® hand creams are 100% natural and slip easily into a bag or bathroom cabinet. Using a hand cream for dry skin will soften and soothe stressed hands – so you can support both your health, and the health of your skin. 

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