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How Facial Massage Can Banish Blemishes

Facial massage is skyrocketing in popularity thanks to our collective desire for cost-effective, at-home treatments that nourish skin and soul. More than just a way to relax and unwind, facial massage is good for any skin type. It can bring a healthy glow back to stressed skin, and even have a positive effect on blemished skin. Bonus – you can do it anywhere (if you get really good at ignoring the stares of strangers, that is. Hey, we don’t judge).

So why are facial massage benefits so good for skin, what’s the best way to do facial massage, and how can we incorporate all that touchy-feely goodness into our daily routine?

Facial Massage Benefits For Blemished Skin | Antipodes UK

Four face massage benefits for blemished skin

Facial massage helps calm skin

Stimulating your facial tissues increases blood circulation, bringing oxygen and nutrients to your skin’s surface. This process of massaging and kneading skin can also help drain lymphatic fluid, encouraging the removal of waste and toxins and decreasing inflammation, helping to reduce blemishes on face. That’s why you’ll often find beauty experts recommending a facial for spots 

Facial massage increases the effectiveness of your skincare

Because products are worked slowly and thoroughly into the skin, blemished skin receives even more facial massage benefits. A massaging facial for blemishes on face should always include toxin-free, natural ingredients that are gentle on skin while promoting a blemish-free complexion.

Facial massage can help reduce the appearance of blemishes

Blood flow is essential for rescuing blemished skin. The process of facial massage can help to loosen up tissues and minimise bumps, leading to smoother scars from blemishes. For this reason, facial massage can be the best facial treatment for acne scars.

Facial massage helps reduce stress

Studies show that stress can increase the severity of blemishes. Facial massage can help to release tension and reduce stress levels to help keep blemishes on face at bay. Even five minutes at the end of the day can be enough to make a difference.

Facial Massage Benefits For Blemished Skin | Antipodes UK

How to do facial massage

Step One: Preparation

Always start with clean hands, cleansed skin, and tied-back hair. Removing all your makeup is important so that you’re not working dirt further into your skin.  Facial massage benefits are best seen immediately after a shower or after cleansing with a warm damp cloth. The hot air opens your pores, which helps products to penetrate more deeply.  

Step Two: Product

Apply a light moisturiser to your skin, then select your facial massage product of choice. Warm a generous amount between your palms before you begin.

Step Three: Technique

Massage in a circular motion with upward strokes, applying more pressure to areas that need special attention. Start by massaging the lymph nodes under your ears and on the sides of your neck. Strokes should be smooth, fluid, and slow. Remember: your skin is not a stress ball!

Move on to your jaw and the sides of your face and cheekbones. Use a delicate touch around your eyes, gently sliding your fingers out towards your temples. Once most of the product is off your hands and on your skin, finish with a scalp massage.

Should I use a facial roller?

A jade roller is an excellent tool for how to do facial massageBefore use, heat it gently by holding it under a warm tap. The heat will help the products glide over your skin, and it will increase blood flow to your skin’s surface. There are many budget-friendly facial rollers on the market, but if you don’t want to invest, that’s ok! Your hands will do just fine.  

How often should I facial massage?  

Facial massage is one of those things you can’t really mess up – so indulge as often as you like! The easiest way to add facial massage into your day is through your daily skincare ritual. In the mornings, facial massage can bring pep back to your skin’s step. In the evening, it’s a relaxing way to unwind before bed.

Which products give the best facial massage benefits?

There are many different skincare products that can be used for facial massage. Choose products with plenty of slip, so that they glide over the skin, and use a generous amount. A soft and rich cream, cleansing balm, or facial oil are all excellent options. Because facial massage makes products penetrate the skin more deeply, it’s important to choose those that are clean, toxin-free, and natural.

When selecting a product for its face massage benefits, look for one that smells and feels as good as it looks. Facial massage products are here to relax and rejuvenate you and your skin, after all.

The best products for facial massage

Grapeseed Butter Cleanser 

The soft, smooth texture of this vegan cleansing balm makes it ideal for facial massage. As olive and harakeke oils soften and soothe, jojoba beads gently melt away to lift lifeless skin. You can rinse off any remaining product with a warm washcloth. 

Divine Face Oil Rosehip & Avocado Oil

A facial oil is a must for anyone wondering how to do facial massage, because their texture provides excellent slip across the skin. This certified organic and vegan serum contains avocado oil and rosehip oil. Both are high in essential fatty acids, which help to address the appearance of fine lines, age spots, and scars – making this the best facial treatment for acne scars.

Aura Manuka Honey Mask

When it comes to a facial for blemishes or a facial for spots, this ultra-creamy mask is our go-to thanks to its high concentration of New Zealand manuka honey. The honey’s antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, encourage less blemishes on face, while Pohutukawa bloom moisturises and conditions for soft skin. The creamy formulation can be left on or rinsed off with warm water.

With daily use, your skin will start to see a host of face massage benefits. They go far beyond the ability to relax and de-stress. When used with natural and clean skincare, facial massage grants a glow to your skin that is worth staring at.



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